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Creativity engenders and strengthens awareness against violence


The faces and forms of violence are manifold. None of them are justified, but all of them must be challenged and opposed. Why not use creative talent to trigger something in people’s minds? Impulses, ideas, inspirations from within society can achieve more than speeches, committees, confederations or other activities initiated from “on high”. Violence prevention is something that concerns us all and something we must all concern ourselves with – that is why ideas like the Creative Contest are vitally important.


Ute Schmeiser
Schmeiser PR Agency






When I used to work as a stuntman, films were always a challenge and a conscious confrontation with one’s own limits. Today, as a producer, I try to get these ideas across, for example, when working together with kids. Body consciousness and creativity are strong allies that boost self-confidence and reveal how to react to violence (and do without violence) to help oneself or assist others.


I think it’s great that the Creative Contest enables beginners and professionals to take part in the different film categories. For me, films are a marvellous medium to communicate topics creatively. Whether the film is short or long, loud or quiet, fast or slow - it doesn’t matter as long as it is in keeping with the theme. Films are a medium that can transport emotions in a unique manner and encourage reflection.


I am very curious to see the participants’ works and I am sure that some excellent creative films will be entered again – why not take part, too?

Holger Schumacher
Geschäftsführer / Creative Producer
Media Crossers GmbH






The role, function and significance of violence in social coexistence is not simple. The media bears a particular responsibility in conveying the spectrum of possibilities for resolving conflict and dealing with violence. Permanent discourse and reflection on the portrayal of violence in all media as well as its presence in everyday life are part of assuming this responsibility. The Creative Contest contributes to this.


Professor Tilmann Kohlhaase
Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany
Board member, Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA)





Synchronised in peace


We people live together in communities, groups, families and relationships of all kinds. All these social ties, which are often very complex, are shaped by behavioural routines, by rituals concentrating on common content and values.


At various levels, both analogue and digital, we align ourselves with one another, exchange content and information and synchronise with one another during this interchange so as to experience this life together. We turn to one another and adapt to one another.


The presentation of the Gingko Award as the culmination of a competition that explores the depths of subject matter synchronises a wonderful group of people in peace. Thus initiators and competitors join forces against violence and suppression in order to assure our coexistence in a state of mutual respect.


This is a good cause and we are glad to support this community.


Tobias Engelhardt – Art Director


Exclusive Distributor for COPIC products in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East



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