B) Advertising/general PR (concept, strategy, online, offline, print)

1. Category

• Amateurs (young people, adults)
•“Trainee advertising specialists” (e.g. including students, apprentices, etc.)

• Advertising professionals from all fields (e.g. agencies, self-employed, freelance etc.)

2. Genres

• Advertising concept and strategy

• Online and/or offline
• Complete concept for an advertising campaign
(e.g. a campaign for a charitable organisation or for a contest on the topic of violence prevention)

3. Type, format

• Print (flyer, poster, brochure – as a template for printing), to be submitted as .jpg files

• Viral campaign on the internet (as a documented campaign or concept paper)
• Combined campaign using online and offline media
• Internet campaign via social media
• Information via an activity , e.g. by code in public places
• Striking presentation in transit advertising or outdoor advertising. Entries to be submitted as .jpg files

4. Topics

The topics outlined below are intended as a stimulus for the participant to engage with the main idea of the contest in advertising, according to which the concept of “violence” can encompass mental, societal and physical violence as well as violence against nature.


Participants can select as many topics as they wish.

B VIII.1. Captured and/or staged anti-violence scenes
e.g. at school, at home, in child rearing, on the street, at the playground and other places, during sports and games


B VIII.2. Violence – against children and young people, against elderly people;
in any event with imaginative solutions


B VIII.3. Harassment/bullying
e.g. in schools, among children and young people, in everyday life, in public, in child rearing


B VIII.4. Ideas against violence


B VIII.5. Conflict resolution involving humour
e.g. with witty punchlines directed against violence


B VIII.6. Violence against nature and solutions to it



B VIII.7. Lies in advertising,
a lie exposes itself


B VIII.8. Draft of a complete advertising campaign on the topic of violence prevention,
including a series of succinct advertising slogans


B VIII.9. Free topic
Participants are free to choose any topic they like and can submit works which address the main idea of violence prevention in a different way to those described above.

5. Conditions of participation

• Submissions must be uploaded to the competition’s digital film database by participants
• Amateurs and “trainee professionals, apprentices, etc.” give a description of the topic of their work
   and the intention behind the selected topic and its realisation
• One of the works must not exceed 50 MB
• In the event of winning a prize/a special recognition, the participant is to provide a high-resolution
   version on DVD if requested
• Texts or dialogues (spoken, written or displayed) in German and English
• Participants (also as a representative of a group) must send a completed and signed entry form as an
   attachment to the e-mail address provided, participation is not possible without registration
• The organisers’ decision is final. There is no recourse to legal action.

Closing date for entries: 15 July 2014

We recommend uploading works to the database at least four days before the closing date and mailing the written entry form (PDF) in good time.


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